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Lose Weight Eating Fast Food!

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Every diet functions because of some basic principles  that build the foundation of its weight loss properties. Some diets follow the principles of cutting down animal fat and also meat from your diet and hence, the overall cholesterol you ingest.
Other weight loss diets practically advice you to shrink the amount of carbs from your meals and sometimes give away tasty food like pizza, donuts, bread, pastas potatoes and cereals. Some nutritionists strongly advice you to consume all of the main classes of nutrients (carbs, proteins fibres and lipids) but in certain combinations of edibles.

In this article I will show you the principles you should keep in mind if you want to start a Fast Food Diet or The McDonald Diet to lose weight and feel faboulous!
Fast food has been denominated, for decades now, the food that raises the cholesterol in your body and that on a long term can cause serious heart conditions and even death. Recent discoveries, however, have shown a different point of view regarding this matter. Nutrisionists have found that high cholesterol foods (meat, butter, cheese, oils etc) are not the ones that make you fat. They  have also stated that eating high cholesterol foods (wheter they contain saturated or non-saturated fats) is not causing you heart diseases! Hence, fat is not responsible for the high rate of heart attack!
So what does kill you? The answer is simple: carbs! Yes, a high level of carbs kill you, because they release into your blood a high amount of sugar! A high level of carbs in your diet contributes to the development of severe medical conditions in mainly two ways. The explanation is simple.
Firstly, insulin (the hormon that regulates carbs and fat metabolism in the body) is the hormon that metabolizes the ingested carbohidrates transforming them into glucose. Glucose is a natural organic fuel that plays an important role in providing your mind and body with energy. When the quantity of glucose in your organism is too high, a hormon called insulin comes into action to regularize the level of glucose. Insulin basically encreses the absorbtion of glucose into your cells, so that your muscles and internal organs can function properly. The higher the level of glucose in your blood, the higher the level of insulin. However, if the level of insulin secreted is too high, the insuline stimulates the production of an enzime that stores the glucose into your fat cells, making them grow. The fat cells are elevated so much that it encourages growth in cells that ought not to be growing: fat cells! This makes you fat!
Second, if you continue the unhealthy alimentary habits of eating a lot of sugar, insulin and enzimes, although in high number, will no longer be able to store glucose into the cells of your organs and muscles and not even into your fat cells! This is the begining of diabetes!
weight loss, lose weight, fast food diet, McDonalds diet, what makes you fat, fast food, McDonalds, high level of carbs1. Eat three fast food meals per day and try to eat them at the same hours every day.
-          breakfast must be eaten between 4:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
-          leave at least 3 hours between breakfast and lunch
-          take your lunch and dinner between 12:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m.
-          leave an interval of 4 hours between the time you have lunch and dinner time (eg. If you eat lunch at 2 in the afternoon, you can have dinner not earlier than 6 in the evening)
2. Calculate your essential amount of calories per day (you can easily do this on the internet) and do not eat more than your body needs!
3. The quantity of carbs you eat in one day must be equal to half of the quantity of the proteins, vegetables and fats that you eat in that day altogether.

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