Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Make a Woman Like You

how to make a woman like you, woman, sex, relation, hot woman, real manFirst of all, God did a great job when he created the man 
and the woman.
The fundamental thing that he looked for in both their physical, mental and genetical construction was to make them love each other and live together.
Hence, if you want a woman to like you, you pretty much have to … be a man and not a pussy. Else, she won’t be attracted to you, not in a million years, unless she’s a lesbian. But even so, you won’t score too much because you don’t have a pussy, even if you should have one.

What i`m trying to prove here is that a woman needs a REAL man, the opposite of a woman/herself. I`m sure you have heard this line a million times before, but in the following I will tell you exactly what this means, by handing you a set of useful rules.
So what`s a real man?
A real man does not:
- talk to much
- care too much about his look (those are called metrosexuals, I personally call them bitches without pussies)
- please woman with anything they ask
- care about what others thinks about him
- overreact to unimportant issues
- care about politically correctness
Instead, a REAL man does:
- drink beer
- watch sports
- get aggravated
- talk with a deep voice
- move slowly (does not rush)
- love to fight
These are not very ellaborated conducts for a man to do, because from birth you are made to be men since you have the genes inside you. It`s just that is hidden inside you and all you need to do is to pull it out from it’s box. This is the only way to make a woman like you!
Think the opposite. Do you like a woman which looks and acts like a man? Nobody does. Hence, in order to make a woman like you, you should look and act like a man without thinking about what others think about you. You should only care about what you think about them. And that is the only important thing.
Another secret is that women are pissed off by cute guys that reacts at everything they say. You don’t have to be cute, you only have to be yourself and from your nature you are a man. Cute guys can aggravate a woman quicker than anything and they are not doing it consciously. Being cute and agree with everthing a woman says is like putting her uper than you on a pedestal, and in charge for anything. Woman do not like to make decisions even if they say so!
There is a difference between what a woman want and what she says that she want. So, if you are too cute and nice, you are telling her: you are in charge, i follow your rules, you have to think for me, you have to show me what we do next, you have to take care of me for the rest of your life… this is how her mind thinks deep inside her conscious.
Women cannot deal with the pressure of being in charge of everything, they need someone to take this burden off of their back, to show them the ways and make their life easier.
This is why every woman hates guys that are too cute and nice. Here is what Sigmund Freud (the founder of psychoanalysis) said: If men knew how woman think, they would be ten times bolder!”
Let’s go over a woman`s basic needs. Women want to be protected and they need a man that can put food on the table for the family. If you look and act like a real man, subconsciously you are perceived as a competent protector and provider. How would a man look like about 4000 years ago? Think about that and try to act like one! Every woman will like you.
Why? Because their primary instincts are the same as they were 4000 years ago. It’s it their genetics, like having two arms and two legs. Primary instincts are and will be the same forever!
So if you are asking yourself how to make a woman like you the answer is simple: Look and act like a man!

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