Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Truth About The Bible

The truth about the bible, Caesar, the book of Genesis, men and women, the woman and the manIn order to be able to understand why men and women are so different, we have to examine ‘the beginnings’ of the history of humankind and to find out in the ancient artifacts the truth about the beginnings, namely the truth about the Bible! These beginnings influence our lives today, even if we try to disregard or deny them.
The Bible is the most famous book of all times. It has names like ‘The Holy Book’, ‘the book of books’, but few people really know the truth about the Bibile. Starting from the time it was ‘edited’ as what we now call a book, it has made followers all over history.

This book was probably the one which created the most controversies of all time, this is why it is important for all of us to see the truth about the Bible.
God created the world with the power of the Word. This denotes that the most powerful tool possessed by people islanguage. The story of Creation states that the basic structure of the world is language.
From a modernist point of view, we can agree that in order to organise reality in our mind, we need concepts which categorise objects, feelings, thoughts, basically everything which exists or not in our world and its relation to us. To express ‘our reality’ we need a conventional sign system, namely a language. This is the idea upon the creation of the world is based. Languages are used by people to communicate with other people.
In order for the first man to be a human, God created a woman. It is interesting that firstly, he created the man, and after that he created the woman. This can be an explanation on why women were considered inferior to men along the ages. As the followers of the Bible started diminishing, its influence started dropping, and women began to be regarded equal to men.
Some might say that the Bible was used to reinforce the power of men.
Christianity started losing its followers during the government of Caesar. Caesar wanted to conquer Egypt so he took his men there. Egypt was not ruled by a man, but by a woman, Cleopatra. She was an Isis follower, who was a Goddess. When Caesar’s men returned to Rome, they spread the teachings received from the followers of Goddess Isis. The Bible was created as a reaction towards this religious movement. As we can observe, our civilisation took a turn towards reinforcing the domination of men over women. This hierarchy has traces in today’s society, in some cultures.
It might be interesting to focus a bit on the concept of the primordial sin. According to the book of Genesis, the woman is to be blamed for the primordial sin. This story reinforced men’s power over woman and their hierarchy in society by “dooming” women forever. In the book of Genesis, the man and the woman are punished by realising that they are naked. What apparently seems to be a natural order and a natural fact was reinterpreted in the Bible as being a shameful and lowering fact.
Even though the Bible tells us that man is superior to woman, it also tells us that man gained his humanity through a woman. The truth is that without language and the ability to communicate to other people, we lose a part of our humanity and our identity. At a first glimpse, the message of the holy book is that men are superior to women, but at a more detailed and logical observation, men could not be “men” without women, hence both genres are equal, this being the truth about the Bible!
It’s difficult and false to give superiority to a genre because we are all equal disregarding our nationality, race, or religion.
If we come to understand the truth about the Bible, and reflect upon the way these ancient ideas influence our lives today, we will definitely find some shocking and disturbing facts about men and women today!

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