Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEWS about Lady Gaga's New Video & Song With Cher!

Today, new information regarding the Gaga clip for the single "You and I" and the singer Cher's song "The Greatest Thing", which this week Enya sang vocals. So we start video clip. Yesterday I informed you that E! News has seen the clip of him and are enthusiastic.They promised a show of it, but when it will be, so it did not say. The clip will act as Jo GaGa Calderone, Koro Yüyi virgin and of course, as Lady GaGa. Clip length is not known, but apparently it is either the length of the song or about 6 minutes. Premiere according to rumors it could be August 23, which is also the date when the song will premiere on U.S. radio. But today the official report found that the clip will be released before the MTV Video Music Awards 2011, which was held on August 28.

As for Cher's song "The Greatest Thing" is Cher's "assumed" by Lady GaGa, who recorded the song in 2009 as a demo titled "Greatest" and Cher on their Twitter announced that the song could come out as 1 single from the album to be released later this year before Christmas. Gaga this week went to LA to record new vocals to the song. Cher would really like to duet with Enya and even the gossip circulating that the duet that really will be, but none of them wants anything to tell how it really is. However, Cher is the latest tweet mentioned that with the 2.duet GaGa thinking or thought that Cher album "Duets II" by Tony Bennett on which part Enya song "The Lady Is A Tramp" (this album will be released in September , so we can look forward to the new Enya song). Cher wrote on Twitter:

"Okay darlings, something about me and Gaga! I think that the CD comes out for Christmas & LOVE" GREATEST THING "could be 1.singl! I think it does any GAGA Duets 2"

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