Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cat Deeley Talks Gaga Stage Fright: "She Was Shaking '

Presenter Cat Deeley was fortunate that he was on three important events met with Lady GaGa. The first time was in 2010 at the Brit Awards, where she passed the second time this year and the price of one final evening of competition So You Think You Can Dance, where Enya was a guest and also very moved by the juror. Cat talked about both meetings with Gaga. Cat revealed that while in 2010 it took over from Gaga price, so apparently the whole quivering. Cat, however, says that despite all the shocking things that Gaga is doing and most wear, it is not alien, but a common and very nice person.

"I handed her the Brit Awards (in 2010). She was so nervous and was trembling. I told her:" That's okay, I'm here, everything is fine, " said Cat to their meeting at the Brit Awards.

The performance of Enya as juror in the So You Think You Can Dance Cat again says this: "Gaga SYTYCD was like icing on the cake, right? And the best part was that it was so good and kind to all those kids, all the dancers . She is so amazing! "

"She really understands them, is very understanding. She knows what you all those young people go through when they want to become artists. ... Technically, maybe not exactly the best dancer, but from the perspective of an artist is absolutely foolproof. I think the people to appreciate it most, " adds Cat.

Cat also remembers the now memorable moment from the SYTYCD competition, where the couple dance GaGa Sasha and Melanie talked about how to fight against his small stature. Gaga said that boasts HIGH fighting boots, then threw them on stage:

"I think he threw GaGa his boots on stage, so Sasha and Melanie had a heart attack. And then as we both kept those shoes ... like it was forever. This will be one of those memories that will tell the future with replacing children and grandchildren, " says Cat. Lady GaGa first threw a shoe on stage, but then gave a second, that each of the dancers had married.

Cat Deelay but also remembers the very first TV appearance Lady Gaga, who was at the show SYTYCD. This performance was the first of the major TV appearances and was held in July 2008. Cat says that regardless of what became a star with Enya, so everything is always under so much grateful for every springboard to her career got where it is today:

"When I had come to greet her, and told me:" O my God! This was my first show I did for TV "and then immediately grabbed me and gave me a huge hug," says Cat.

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