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How to 
To get the peace 
Ganvitvirtot of Sorrow 
Achieve family happiness

American scientist, a specialist in human relations 
Concepts according to the diel kargenis 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე)

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როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 

Rules, which provide assistance to others in your view report 
1. I meant victory in the fight

Try airidot sachkhubari situation, as well as an earthquake or act was a terrible reptile. 
A main argument in the case of nine out of ten vrdeba fact that more and more deeply involved in each of the absolute correctness of his mtsmundeba. Well, you win, but what mogitanat this? Not better, just dagetmot? 
The way a dog would rather pay than gvikbinos. The X shemt vevashi even if the dog to kill one bites nakbeni stay. 
If this still is the slightest chance - got rid of a quarrel. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 
2. Reliable way to acquire enemies. How ganveridot it?

Client, adversary, and his wife do not miakhlit, that is correct. Be a diplomat. This will help you achieve your. If you want your opponent out of the terms, learn to appreciate his opinion, give preference to agree, then your conviction sheaparet. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 
3. If you are not schori to recognize this and decide quickly.

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 
4. If people want to install on your terms, dasatsqisistanave a friendly tone.

Aravus not happy, I always point out, I do. 
I better think of what we are doing our own desire. Let the speaker you think that the opinion expressed by him. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 

I want each 

Absolute umravselosobas people who see you tomorrow, need tanagrznoba. 
Injured children were happy to show you all the places that lead to compassion. The reason, say the heads tavsdamtqdar disasters and disease. 
The importance of people in the world: aisedrora Duncan, Anna pavloba, piopor Shalyapin constantly in need of compassion. 
Take others' thoughts and wishes with compassion. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 

Call, all of which are 

Even a person who is not tsesierebita and sindisierebit, will perform the task Q vens, if you feel that you think it is decent and fair man. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 

Rules, romta with you good people ganetsqobian 

The first: 
Gaussian line with a native speaker ghissebebs laparakita and intonation. 

The second: 
Enter mistakes indirectly, pass. 

Have'' confessed'' to try themselves to criticize the speaker. 


Give the speaker a question, instead of being ordered. Give people the opportunity held up above their prestige. 


Express approval of a native speaker, even a small success. 


Be sincere and profuse in praise of the evaluation. 

Sheukmenit Adam's good reputation, they will try to justify it dzalaubeburad reputation. 


Create the impression that shetsdoba, the improvement is from someone you want to gamosastsoreelia easy. 


Try to achieve: adamoans glad to do what you offer. 

როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 
როგორ ? (ნაწილი მეორე) 

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