Thursday, January 5, 2012



Wambie girls, we've got some spoilers for what dramatic event going to happen at Blair's royal wedding! Hint: it involves Dan, Prince Louis, a scheme, and Dan's feelings for Blair.

Gossip Girl comes back soon! Here's the inside scoop on what's coming up at Blair's wedding.
SPOILER ALERT, so stop reading here if you don't want the secret ruined! Ready? Ok, Dan is going to finally reveal his feelings to Blair.
But that's not too dramatic on its own by GG standards - it's been coming for a while. The real scandal is how he does it. Dan is going to make his confession to Blair....via some wedding vows! Prince Louis is going to pay Dan to write his wedding vows to Blair for him, and Dan's going to put in his own feelings for Blair. But will Blair figure out who actually wrote the sweet words? We have a feeling this wedding is going to be one to remember!
The series comes back on January 16th. Who do you think Blair should end up with?

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