Tuesday, December 13, 2011



This week's elimination on The X Factor was super controversial. Paula Abdul actually told her fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger what decision to make, and now they're in hot water with fans.

Everybody was shocked to see Rachel Crow get sent home on from the X Factor. And it's gotten even more scandalous now that there's a video of Paula pressuring Nicole to send Rachel home!
The decision came down to Nicole. Her options were to vote to send her contestant Marcus home automatically, or vote to send Rachel home, which meant it would come down to the public's vote.
She was obviously really upset about the decision, but Paula Abdul might have overstepped her judging limits. She was clearly caught on tape telling Nicole "Just let it go to a deadlock."
All you X-Factor fans know the result - Rachel was sent home in a truly heartbreaking elimination. Poor Rachel couldn't even stand up after receiving the results (it's the second video below). And fans are furious with the judges.
Do you think it was Nicole's fault, or was Paula more to blame? And based on how upset Rachel was, do you think 13 is too young to participate in such a stressful competition?

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