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Top 5 Diets that Really Work!

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If you look up the internet or anywhere else you will find dozens of diets based on different or sometimes similar principles that claim to make wonders. However, not all of of them are diets that really work for you. Why?
Some don`t match your everyday schedule, some make you eat food you do not like, some can even cause you health issues and besides all this, some may not really work at all!
Here is our top 5 diets based on visible results, difficulty degree and after all physical and psyhical wellbeing.
The following are the most efficient top 5 diets that really work for everybody! Stay tooned!

5. Howard Hay Diet

The Howard Hay Diet is one of the oldest food diets that is still used by a great number of people worldwide. This diet is one easy diet that really works because it is based upon 3 simple rules.
Doctor  William Howard Hay has discovered during the `20s that all foodstuff can be categorized into three different groups based on their pH: alkaline foods, acidic and neutral foods. The food classes are the followings:
diets that really work, diet that works, diets that work, top diets that really work, top diets that work, diet that really works, a. alkaline foods (protein rich foods): meat, fish, dairy foods etc
b. acidic foods (carbohydrate-rich foods): starch, rice, grains, potatoes etc
c. neutral foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, greeny leafs etc
The Howard Hay Diet is more like an eating life-long habbit and it basically sais that you can lose weight and feel good if you know how to properly combine the three different food classes. The principles of this diet stands in food-combining: you should combine either a and c foods or b and c foods, but you should never combine a and b foods at the same meal.
Also, the Howard Hay Diet stipulates that one should eat 3 meals a day and leave at least 4 hours time bewteen the meals.
Besides the fact that it works, the easy to remember principles and little restriction along the way, places the Howard Hay Diet on number 5 in Top 5 diets that really work!

4. Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers is a diet that functions according to mathematics. That`s right! The principles of this diet is to sum up the points representing foods, that you need for one day, preventing you from eating more and also less than your body basically needs.
The Weight Watchers shows you how to find out how much food you really need to eat by taking into consideration your personal data (gender, age, physical activity,personal weight and height). In the end, you will end up with a number that will represent the total of food points you need to intake during one day.diets that really work, diet that works, diets that work, top diets that really work, top diets that work, diet that really works
Easy peasy! All you need to do is to make sure that you eat the total number of points for that day, no more and no less. There are also a set of rules that you need to keep in mine!
#1: this is one of the diets that really work!
- drink 2 L of water a day/8 cups
- eat the entire number of points, even if you feel you had enough
- when it comes to eating meat, choose chicken in most cases
- eat 2-3 servings of dairy foods a day
- alcohol is not recommended
-  eat 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day
- for every 15 minutes of work out, you get extra 2 points
The simple rules and efficiency places Weight Watchers on number 4 in Top 5 diets that really work!

3. 13 Days Diet/Danish Diet

The 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is one fast diet that claims to make changes at the level of the metabolism. It is not an easy diet, because of its strictness and monotony, but regarding the fact that it can visibly slim you down (up to 20 lbs) in less than a week, you might think twice.
diets that really work, diet that works, diets that work, top diets that really work, top diets that work, diet that really worksThe 13 Days Diet is so strict that if you do not conceive to keep up the pace and decide to end it, you shall try it again only after 6 months, not one day in advance.
Here are some advices for you:
- drink plenty of water
- do not replace any foods with others
- it you chew gum, drink a glass of bear or even eat a piece of candy, you need to end the diet immediately
- end it after the 13 days
If we sum everything up, the 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is still one of the most efficient diets that really work!

2. Motignac Diet

The Motignac Diet was a very popular diet during the midd `90s, and because of its great number of followers it occupies number 2 in Top 5 diets that really work!
The principle that makes this diet work wonders is the glycemic index (GI), a ranking system that tells us in what degree a foodstuff can influence the blood glucose levels after every meals. After years of studies, Michel Montignac discovered that the foods that have higher GI are carbohydrate-rich foods like white bread, pasta, rice white sugar etc.diets that really work, diet that works, diets that work, top diets that really work, top diets that work, diet that really works
The Montignac Diet is composed of 2 phases: the weigh-losing phase and the prevention and stabilzation phase. During the first phase one needs to basically eat appropriate carbs, namely those with glycemic index ranked at 35 or lower (pure glucose is 100). During the second phase, the diet is more permisive but the idea is to maintain certain eating habits so to prevent from gaining weight back.
Other important rules to assure this is one of the diets that really work :
- never eat at the same meal carbs along with fats (meat, fats, oils)
- sugar is out of the question
- only decaf coffee, and no alcohol drinks in phase I
- for desert you may eat chocolate with at least 70% pure cocoa
- never miss a meal
- have some between-meals snacks if it helps you to eat less at meals

1. Rina`s 90 Diet

diets that really work, diet that works, diets that work, top diets that really work, top diets that work, diet that really worksRina`s 90 Diet also called the 90-Day Diet is one of the best diets that really work and it occupies the first spot in the Top 5 diets that really work. Rina`s 90 is a dissociated diet developed by Breda Hrobat & Mojca Poljansek and it is a very simple and effective diet.
The Rina`s 90 Diet (90-Day Diet) is also composed of 2 phases, the first one coposed of 90 days and the other one for as long as you may keep it. Basically this diet is a lifestyle, not a regime. It will not starve you, make you feel sick, affect your health condition, on  the contrary!
This is one of the diets that really work because of the principles of dissociating foodstuff into 4 days that repet themselves until the 90 days are over:
a. the protein day (when you can eat meat, milk, cheese, eggs)
b. the amidon/vegetables day (beans, vegetables, potatoes etc)
c. the carbs day (pastry, pasta, rice, bread, sweets)
d. the fruits day (all type of fruits in all type of combinations)
Every 29th day (3 days in total) you need to undergo a detox day, meaning that you only drink plenty of flat water and unsweetened tea all thay long.
There are other hings you need to know to efficiently lose weight following the 90-Day Diet:
- breakfast is the same everyday: 2 fruits or a hadful of small fruits (berries, nuts, almonds, cashew etc)
- there are 3 meals per day and during the protein and amidon days you need to eat the same food at lunch and breakfast (except for the slice of bread you only eat at lunch)
- during the carb day, dinner can be composed of a slice of cake, three balls of ice cream and obligatory 20 g of dark chocolate (70% min)
- unsweetened coffee and tea can be consumed all day long
- after the 90-days period you may eat as you used to, but you still need to eat fruits at breakfats for another 90 days
These are Top 5 diets that really work and we wish you good luck!

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