Friday, December 30, 2011

Rihanna, Adele and Lady Gaga

Rihanna, Adele თუ Lady Gaga
Rihanna, Adele or Lady Gaga - What is your favorite? However, in this case you can not decidetheir fate. They decided the fate of the entire musical world.

"Billboard" of last year's most popular artists has revealed.

We hope that no one chamogvartmevs bias, because Rihanna has become the first place. Hissong We Found Love 8 weeks in the Billboard charts in its first position.

The next place is occupied by Adele singing Rolling In The Deep. He was 7 weeks in the charts, managed to stay in power.

Third place is occupied by the most popular performers in the Lady Gaga. Born This Way-M 6weeks gadzlo first position.

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