Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Treat Depression

Depression is described as being a state of low mood of very low that can affect one`s emotions, actions and worse, his own opinion about himself, the self-esteem.
Whether it has been triggered by some particular events or it has been silently growing over the years, depression is one of the most common mental disorders that give people the feeling of anxiety, sadness and emptiness, worthless and restlessness.
There are many different ways to treat depression without the aid of drug therapy, if you wish to treat the core problem and not the effects only. In life coaching, this is the how to treat depression.

1. Emotional ventilation

The first most efficient thing you can do if you wish to know how to treat depression is to ventilate the emotions that overwhelm you and give you the feeling of being depressed. Imagine this action like emptying a closet full of clothes and reorganizing them back again in the closet. From time to time, our emotions and feelings need that too.
how to, how to treat depressionWhat you can practically do to treat depression is to find a very calming and relaxing place from where you can see a landscape or have a view that gives you peace and quiet. After you have found that special place, have a comfortable sit and watch the view with calamity and serenity.
Let your feelings and thoughts ventilate as you preoccupy with something else. Let them come and go, don`t mind them, but at the same time don`t ever stop them, just mind your own business and get lost in that view or landscape that really calms you down. Let your feelings ventilate and come back to you with less weight and gravity.

The emotional ventilation is the first thing to do if you wish to know how to treat depression.

how to, how to treat depression2. Cognitive restructuring

Cognitive restructuring refers to restructuring your thoughts or beliefs so that the overwhelming thoughts that stand at the base of your depressions will no longer have the same value and will not weight that much.
First things first. You shall discover what are your beliefs that make you feel depressed and put them down on paper. Analyze them and find out why they exist, practically which event/person/life experience has triggered them.
Afterwards you need to find other powerful personal beliefs that will dismember and deny your thoughts that make you feel depressed. There is no way that one can have at the same two beliefs that oppose each other because this situation will lead to cognitive dissonance and it will not be comfortable, so to say.
Hence, if you wish to know how to treat depression, discover what your beliefs are that bring you down and dissolve them with the help of more powerful beliefs that make sense and are unbeatable.

3. Humorhow to, how to treat depression

Don`t laugh. Well, in fact do, because humor is a great way to treat depression. For those who didn`t know yet, humor and laughter, as well as crying and nervousness are signs of stress and ways to cope with powerful feelings as well as stress.
Depression is just a more chronic kind of stress and humor is a great tool to make depression be less aggressive and less pregnant in your life.
If you wish to know how to treat depression, humor is the simplest way to dismantle your state of low mood because it makes depression look less powerful and less dangerous. Make daily jokes about your depression and about your state as well.
Use humor to dissolve depression until you will reach the state in which depression carries no worth and will soon leave your life.

how to, how to treat depression4. Give it a name

Another very easy to use tool against depression is something people have been using along the ages for their own survival, when there were things that scared the hell out of them.
That is putting their fear into a story in which the fear will lose the battle and will be discredited. Have you ever wondered why there are so many stories with wolves in which the wolf gets tricked and loses its powers? Because people have feared wolves this was their only weapon centuries ago to fight them and fight fear.
Give your depression a name, some features and a role in the play of your everyday life. Don`t deny its existence and don`t underestimate its importance. Talk to your depression as it is a real person but with a humorous attitude towards it. It will soon leave you since it has no power over you. This is a great way if you wish to find out how to treat depression.

5. Understandinghow to, how to treat depression

There is no how to treat depression if you don`t truly understand and know yourself with or without depression. One of the most important thing that everybody needs to know about themselves is that we all come from the same source, whether we call it God, Buddha or simply “All That Is” and we are all of same importance, same structure, we were created out of unconditional love and we are interconnected.
We were created as a replica of all that is, hence we are a representation of all that is.
Keep this in mind before struggling with a depression: you are all that is and you have unlimited powers as well as anyone else. Believe in yourself, believe in unconditional love and you will no longer live with fears, stress and no depression as well.
They don’t teach this in school, but is the most important thing to prevent depression and to know how to treat depression, no matter the severity.

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