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How to Quit Smoking

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If you wish to find out how to quit smoking firstly, you need to understand the simple mechanism that stands at the basis of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is a matter of how you perceive this action and what are your beliefs about it regarding it`s degree of difficulty for you. Quitting smoking can equal quitting to wear one of your favorite t-shirts or it could equal quitting to eat for the rest of your life.
Some people who had conceived to quit smoking had perceived it as a giving up their favorite t-shirt or their favorite ice-cream.
However, other people who had not conceived to quit smoking have perceived this action as equal to stop eating food and even with giving up their own life. The difference of beliefs between the two types of people stands in their wish and desire to quit smoking. That`s right! And so we get to number 1 on our short article on how to quit smoking:

1. If you don`t want to quit smoking, stop right here!
There`s a great difference between wanting to quit smoking and not wanting it at all. It`s all a matter of the personal drive. Some people don`t really care about this matter and don`t want to quit smoking, however some do.
What you could really use in order to have that appropriate drive to quit smoking is a very firm and strong thought about smoking, a thought perfectly compatible to other of your powerful beliefs that opposes the continuation of your behavior as a smoker, and you will definitely quit smoking.
There is no need for you to do a list of the many reasons you should continue smoking and why you should quit smoking, because in most cases it doesn`t work.
What you need is a very strong firm thought that will give you the necessary drive to quit smoking and you will definitely succeed.
I also gave up smoking. My fiance was a non-smoker, and he didn`t really liked me when I was smoking, and he get really upset on me every time I stank smoke. One day he asked me to promise that I will not smoke ever again, or he would break up with me. I was shocked but at the same time a very powerful thought came to my mind: I will give up smoking because I value my relationship more than I value smoking. So I did. That was my drive!
Find out your drive, your motivational thought that will force you to quit smoking and understand that it is not such a big deal after all. If you wish to know how to quit smoking, finding the perfect motivational thought is the first step!
how to, quit smoking, how to quit smoking, quitting smoking, smoking, to quit smoking2.When, where and with whom smoking
The next extremely important thing to do if you wish to know how to quit smoking is to think about the places, the timing and the persons with which you are smoking. Then plan things up. This is the most exciting part!
Put everything down on paper or just keep them in your mind. Smoking has also social implications and often times people smoke when they meet other people because of the fact that it`s a good stress reliever. Think of the places, persons and times you enjoy smoking and then try a little exercise. Next time you go to those places and with the persons you use to smoke, just don`t. Tell them you have a smoking day off and just get pass that meeting or gathering without taking a puff.
It is not impossible, is just like getting into a weight loss diet, but this time it`s about giving up a cigarette, not a piece of cake. So, do this and you will build up your self-efficacy and your overall opinion about your own power. You will become a powerful person.
Don`t give up on friends, don`t give up on going out, don`t turn your back on your work colleagues but just don`t smoke with them anymore and if you conceive this you will quit smoking forever. I guarantee you.
3. Keep it that way
After you have discovered the places and persons you used to smoke with and have tried for the first time to quit smoking by changing your social habits, keep it that way by repeating your new behavior. This is the most crucial part in quitting smoking because it makes the difference between “I can`t” and “I can`t”.
It`s exactly what I`ve talked in the beginning. It is crucial for you self efficacy and if you don`t keep your non-smoker behaviour you will lose altogether the belief that you can quit smoking, your power over your own decisions in life and in the end your opinion about yourself. Just try to get pass these steps and you will never smoke to, quit smoking, how to quit smoking, quitting smoking, smoking, to quit smoking
However, if you don`t conceive, your belief that quitting smoking if a hell of a hard thing will grow stronger and you will face even a harder time in quitting smoking sometime in the future.
So, if you wish to find out how to quit smoking, remember only one thing: the thought will motivate your behavior to quit smoking and the repeated behavior will encrease your self-esteem and you will never want to smoke again.
This is the mechanism. You have found out how to quit smoking. Now what are you waiting for?
Good luck!

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