Sunday, December 25, 2011



For you Wambie girls who celebrate Hanukkah, here's a holiday manicure for you! You can also modify it for any festive event.

Here's a Hanukkah manicure for all you Wambie girls who are celebrating Hanukkah. But anyone can modify it for their holiday celebrations.
This pretty navy blue and silver manicure is a great way to show your holiday spirit. You could also add a Star of David on one finger if you can draw the shape with your nail polish brush. Here's the full guide.
First, paint your nails blue. You can use navy blue like the guide does, or your favorite shade. Wait for the polish to dry.
Then, cut strips of tape and put them on your nails to make the striped pattern. Paint over the strips with silver polish. You can do one nail or all of them.
Finally, add a top coat of glitter to the nails without stripes to give your manicure a really sparkly look. Easy and festive!
You could also use this guide for Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's, or any other holiday parties you're going to.

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