Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hairstyles for Men in 2011

Camille Lacourt

Camille Lacourt is a 25-year-old world-class swimmer with a European record set in 2010.
He showed up at a recent fashion event in Paris with supermodels wearing this semi-casual men's hairstyle. It is wispy, wavy, and has thin blonde hair highlights. This is a modern casual French style, but he'd be much sharper with a very short hairstyle. Then he'd look more like a male model. This isn't neat enough for a Chanel haute couture function. Grade: B
Jared Leto
Jared Leto's hairstyle is cool, modern, and very short. It looks almost spiky. He's got new color that is softened or dulled platinum. The contrasting colors of platinum and very dark brown are unique and intriguing. In February '10 at the Elle Style Awards he showed up with a mohawk. This is a big improvement and looks great at night and professional as an everyday haircut. A few years ago, Leto had a really messy and disshevelled style that was terrible and boring. He almost looked like a homeless man. His latest cut is his best hairstyle in years and probably his best ever since he became a celebrity. Grade: A
Max Ehrich
Max Ehrich has a unique teen hairstyle for guys. It has very short sides and a funky fringe that you can't miss. His wild bangs are styled (or allowed to go) in all directions. Ehrich is a teen actor who has performed alongside Vanessa Hudgens in music videos. Grade: B-
Parry Shen
Parry Shen has a popular short men's hairstyle. He is following the trend of the last five years. It has extra height and tons of thin spikes. Distinct features are the short sides and unusually longer top. Looks like Shen also has a few high-contrast highlights. The cut is symmetrical and looks modern, but it's just a bit too extreme--too high at the top--to appeal to everyone. Grade: B+
Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello is a Keanu Reeves lookalike, but he grows a better beard, which is already going salt-and-pepper on the 33-year-old American actor. This is neither the sharpest nor cleanest haircut, but it's a good anti-GQ hairstyle, so to speak. The previous hairstyles of the Steelers fan were traditional men's hairstyles: very short and neat. Grade: C+

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