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I have prepared for you Top 20 moments of Lady Gaga, who were for her or for her fans this year the most important. Lady Gaga is that this really succeeded. Released a new album, some great hits, clips and shows, she finished demanding touring or appeared in more than 20 programs or events. Select only ten moments would be nonsense. Twenty however do not suffice, but I hope you will like my choice. BEST OF LADY GAGA 2011 can be found throughout the article.
First The prestigious magazine Forbes named Lady Gaga's # 1 celebrity when he discovers that he Gaga per year earned $ 90 million. Such earnings contributed multiplatinum album Born This Way, Monster Ball tour or collaboration with various companies.

Second Lady Gaga in January 2011 published his first collection of Polaroid cameras, the company, which is creative director.Gaga proposed as 3D glasses with built-in printer, which are part of Polaroid's Grey Label.

Third At the end of Lady Gaga opening "Gaga's Workshop" in collaboration with the retail chain Barneys. Gaga here is his first collection, where we find everything from candy to your favorite boots, which Gaga so much. The collection has a huge success and go here to purchase a large number of famous artists.

4th Music magazine Rolling Stone named Lady Gaga "Pop Queen" today's generation. Gaga is in June 2011 and appears on the cover of this prestigious magazine.

5th Tour "The Monster Ball Tour" is selected nejvýdělečnějším tour debut artist of all time. Tour began in November 2009 and ended in May this year. Over the entire tour earned more than $ 227 million.

6th Another memorable moment of 2011 Lady Gaga's appearance on Howard Stern's radio show. Lady Gaga gave an interview here, and then sang and played piano on their hit single "The Edge Of Glory". All visitors to gasp when they heard Gaga sing. Many people walked away with astonishment, that did not know that Lady GaGa can sing so well. The whole situation himself crowned presenter Howard Stern, who has said that after this performance became a fan of Lady Gaga.

7th May 2011 brought the addition of a new recording of the album also tour The Monster Ball Tour. Recording broadcast television HBO in his HBO Special. Special was so successful that in November this year and came out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

8th An important moment for Lady Gaga and her fans came a few weeks ago, when Gaga announced that together with his mother + in cooperation with two companies, established his own foundation, "Born This Way Foundation." The Foundation is fully gets going next year and will be paid to young people, especially victimized, oppressed, and the company will help them in career choices and even their entire future.

9th In March 2011, Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Lady Gaga started to act immediately and one of the first artists zpustošenému Japan decided to assist in undoing the damage. Therefore suggested bracelets with the inscription "We Pray For Japan" from the sales profit went to the Red Cross. Gaga and people who bought wristbands when Japan donated one million U.S. dollars.

10th Lady Gaga is a series of unfortunate events that have become young students, she decided to begin actively fight against bullying. In addition, the Foundation shall be established before meeting with U.S. President to help her with a campaign that would greatly reduce bullying in American schools. This past October, Gaga appeared on the political dinner and gathering hosted by the president and his wife in November was Lady Gaga personally visited the White House, where representatives of the President discussed the problem thoroughly.

11th Another success this year Lady Gaga is her own show, "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving," which aired on November 24 U.S. ABC television. Lady Gaga came up with the show itself, even to him and directed herself. During the program was replaced a few outfits, sang his greatest hits, and he invited several guests, including Tony Bennett, with whom she recorded this duet "The Lady Is A Tramp." The program became very successful and it's most watched music show on ABC since 2007.

12th The next moment Lady Gaga's participation in this year's European MTV Europe Music Awards. Lady Gaga performed in Belfast with a new single, "Marry The Night" during the evening and picked up 4 of 6 possible price. Gaga, among other things and took one of the main awards "Best Song", which won for his hit "Born This Way."

13th Lady Gaga won this year, dozens of prizes and awards and all are important and wonderful, but most proud of is gaga for the price of the Trevor Project Award Gaga who crowned their "Hero of the Year" for that is actively embarked on the struggle for gay rights. Gaga during the acceptance speech said that this award meant to her to be more than a Grammy.

14th "The Edge Of Glory" and "edge" Clarence Clemons life. Lady Gaga on her album, collaborated with many great personalities, but undoubtedly the most successful works was the song "The Edge Of Glory" by Lady Gaga wrote shortly after the death of his grandfather. Song tells about the last moments of man on earth. Lady Gaga on your cooperation in this amazing song still invited úžasnějšího saxofonosti Clarence Clemons, who for years worked in the E Street Band. The video you shoot great Clarence Gaga invited as well, but two days after the clip Clarence died. Not only Lady Gaga, but the whole musical world has lost such a great and talented personality. RIP Clarence

15th With its sophisticated and unique costumes to Lady Gaga has earned this year from the CFDA Fashion Awards prize for the "Fashion Icon of the Year". The ceremony took with him and his sister Natali nladší.

16th Lady Gaga is the queen of Twitter this year. Almost every month, it added to her account over a million new fans, thanks to which currently has over 17 million followers, which never failed anyone yet. Facebook has over 46 million Gaga likes, but this is not the first ..

17th Among the best and most memorable moments Lady Gaga this year we have to mention her appearance at the Grammy Awards 2011, where he first appeared with the first single from his new album "Born This Way." Lady Gaga performed in a giant egg, which was to symbolize the birth of a new race that can not hate and have no preconceptions other leaders. Lady Gaga The transformation did not begin on the stage, but already upon arrival at the price. GaGa is also bringing in egg. Lady Gaga in the "womb" spent an hour before she got on stage.

18th Another top moment is the latest from the other. This week is Lady Gaga managed another record. Its amazing video viewership led to the combined channel has Lady Gaga on Youtube over 2 billion views. This piece is still no female artist has ever failed, Gaga is # 1

19th The penultimate moment is one of the most essential. This moment occurred dated May 23, 2011, when Lady Gaga released her third and very eagerly awaited album "BORN THIS WAY". The album was released in several versions, but usually introduced 14 + 3 bonus tracks, among which we find in addition to the eponymous smash hit and songs like Judas, Heavy Metal Lover, Scheiße, Hair, Bloody Mary or no one mentioned "The Edge Of Glory". The album became an instant hit, conquered more than 20 countries, selling over 8 million copies, has been awarded by various music critics as one of the best albums of the year and also became the second biggest selling album of 2011. Albums for the first week of sales sold worldwide incredible two million copies. Subsequently, the album was awarded platinum awards in over 18 countries. Great success of the album recorded in Japan, where the album became an international best-selling album and a solo artist, but the album became an international artist and album with the largest number of copies sold in its first week. In the U.S. the album debuted in 1st place with more than one million copies sold in the first week in November, the album became 2x platinum for selling over 2 mliony copies. The album garnered a really massive promotion in more than twenty television programs and several appearances at prestigious events. Gaga with the album looked to India or Singapore. Another promo for myself not long to wait, and soon gets going gaga and her tour for that album.

20th The last moments of the album is also linked to, because without it, no single "Born This Way." It is this single is still one of the commercially successful singles in the career of Lady Gaga. The single was originally released February 13, 2011, but eventually came out two days earlier, 11.února the 2011th What happened after the release, it changed the history of music.The single immediately climbed some amazing records. The single was enough only 3 hours to get to the top of the U.S. Itunes.The single became the # 1 fastest in the history of iTunes. Thanks to this success was followed by the # 1 position in singles Billboard Hot 100 BTW The single became the third # 1 single of Lady Gaga in the U.S. and so far it has sold over 6 million copies. The single spent six weeks at the top. As a result, became the only single, which debuted in the first place and stayed there for six weeks from the time of Elton John's single "Candle In The Wind", which was in 1997.Singl then became 8.singlem Lady Gaga in a row, which is got to top the U.S. dance charts. Single release was planned so well that he even managed a great piece. He became a 1000.prvním place on the Billboard Hot 100, which is definitely pretty clearly enrolled in music history.With a single tex also became only the first # 1 hit, which speaks of the LGBT community. The single is also the first # 1 single, which was used the word "transgender".
Lady Gaga is that this succeeded a lot and not just musically. Her struggle for gay rights and minorities, it really paid off and was awarded several prizes and awards. As for music sites, so Lady Gaga also quite successful. Among others, she managed to break the record for number of consecutive # 1 singles on the Dance Club / Play Songs. Gaga even tried what it's like to be editor, when she allowed an international daily newspaper METRO on one day become their boss. Gaga held a contest and chose one of his fans, so did her assistant.

Podejnost CD singles Lady Gaga 2011:
Born This Way (The Album) - 8000 0000 + worldwide, 2,030,000 + U.S.
Born This Way (The Single) - 6,500,000 +
Judas - 800 000 + U.S. and worldwide 2,300,000 +
The Edge Of Glory - 4.5 million + worldwide (In the U.S., 2x Platinum = 2 million +)
You And I - 2 million + worldwide, 1 million + U.S.

The prices that Lady Gaga received in 2011:
Bambi Awards (International Pop Artist)
Billboard Year-End Chart - Top Electronic Dance Album (Born This Way), Top-Electronic Dance Artist
Billboard Music Awards (Top Pop Artist, Best Dance Artist, Best Electronic / Dance Album (The Fame Monster)
BMI Awards for 'Paparazzi', 'Bad Romance', 'Telephone', 'Alejandro', and the price of the BMI Songwriters Of The Year
CFDA Awards for "Fashion Icon"
ASCAP Award - Most performed song (Telephone)
ESKA Music Awards - Best International Artist
Grammy Awards - Best Pop Vocal Album (TFM), Best Pop Vocal Performance (Bad Romance), Best Short Form Music Video (Bad Romance)
International Dance Music Awards - Best Pop Dance Track (Alejandro)
Japan Gold Disc Awards - International Artist Of The Year
MTV Video Music Brazil - International Artist of the Year
MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Female, Best Fans, Best Song, Best Video
MTV Japan Music Awards - Video Of The Year, Best Female Video, Best Dance Video (Born This Way)
MTV Video Music Awards - Best Female Video, Best Video With A Message
MuchMusic Video Awards - Best International Video (Judas), People's Choice: Favourite International Video (Born This Way)
NewNowNext Awards - Always Now, Forever Next Award
NME Awards - Hero of the Year
NRJ Music Awards - Music Video of the Year (Telephone)
The Record of the Year - The Record of the Year (Born This Way)
TRL Awards - Wonder Woman Award
Vh1 "Do Something!" Awards - DO SOMETHING Facebook
+ Dozens of other nominations

Lady GaGa in 2011 appeared in:
Ellen Show (2x)
Bambi Awards
MuchMusic Video Awards
Robin Hood Gala
Radio One's Big Weekend
Sydney's Monster Hall
KIIS FM's Jingle Ball
Z100's Jingle Ball
Good Morning America Summer Concert Series
iHeart Radio Music Festival
Graham Norton Show
Chatty Man
Saturday Night Live
Le Grand Journal
American Idol
X-Factor (France and Charles)
Germany 'Next Topmodel
Rome's Euro Pride
Paul O'Grady Show
Lady Gaga Day in Singapore
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Formula 1 Grand Prix in India
Howard Stern
Jonathan Ross Show
So You Think You Can Dance
The View
Music Station
Grammy Nominations Concert
Bill Clinton's Foundation Concert
Children In Need

Gaga over a year, she sang with Tony Bennett, Sting, Sugarland, Cher, Brian May or Clarence Clemons.

Lady GaGa in 2011 issued:
Born This Way (Album) 05/23/2011
Singles: Born This Way, Judas, The Edge Of Glory Hair (promo), You And I Marry The Night + The Lady Is A Tramp, The Greatest Thing
Born This Way - The Remix 18/11/2011
The Monster Ball Tour DVD 21.11.2011
Born This Way - The Collection 21/11/2011
Book Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson 21/11/2011

Served Apart from that this year is Lady Gaga appeared on the cover of magazines such as:

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