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Best Movies 2011

Since the film industry is such a great business nowadays and movies are created on such a large-scale it is really hard to get to see the true best movies and stop wasting your time with all the mediocre ones. 2011 is the year with a lot of really great movies that are definitely worth seeing.
Hence, we have decided to ease your work and we have selected only the best movies 2011.
The best movies 2011 are right here for you and the only thing you can do is to pick the ones that sound at least interesting for you and grab some popcorn.
Here is our Top 15 Best Movies 2011!
15. We Need to Talk About Kevin
Probably one of best movies 2011 is the dramatic thriller We Need to Talk About Kevin, a movie in which the mother of a high-school killer and teenager Kevin deals with the grief and also the feeling of responsibility for her child`s actions. This is a psychological movie and probably one of the best movies 2011 of this genre.
best movies 2011

14. X-Men: First Class
X-Men: First Class  is one of the best movies 2011 because it`s subject is somehow actual and it`s s fiction that could be close to our present reality. It`s about mutants with superpowers that are on the good side and try to fight an evil dictator who plans to start World War III. This is one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
13. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is for sure one of the best spy action movies 2011. It is almost as best as the first Mission: Impossible and a little improved form the second. It stars Tom Cruise and Paula Patton and it`s all about well-build action. Worth seeing because it`s one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
12. The Help
It`s the 1960` and aspiring author decides to write about the true life of African-American maids that work for white people. It`s one of the best dramas this year and one of the best movies 2011 because of the realism and the lovely performances. It is fresh and neat and one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
11. Shame
Shame is another great drama movie of 2011 that tells the story of a 30-year old man, Brandon who is a sexual addict that doesn`t seem to manage all his sexual addiction in any ways. The story gets even tangled when his sister moves in with him. Shame is one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
10. Moneyball
This is the story of Billy Beane, general manager of Oakland A`s, who doesn`t seem to find a way for his team to win the World Series, so he comes with the idea to use a computer-generated analysis to make it happen. This is one of the best movies 2011, because, first of all it stars Brad Pitt in the main role and it is probably the best baseball movie ever.
best movies 2011
9.The Descendants
The Descendants is the surely one of the best movie 2011 of the drama genre. It`s about a father, a land baron who tries to revive his relationship with his two daughters in a crucial moment of his life. Will he manage to do this? George Clooney plays the first role in this great movie, for sure one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Part II of this amazing fantasy movie is way better than the first part, released in 2010. We can say for sure that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is one of the best movies 2011 due to coming of age story presented, the fantastical and make-belief world of Harry`s  in which he plays the good guy. This is one of the best movies 2011 and definitely worth watching.
best movies 2011
7. The Muppets
The Muppets is the best musical and family movie 2011. Now the Muppets decide to reunite and save the Muppet theatre that is endangered due to the evil intend of Tex Richman to drill under the theatre for oil. The Muppets take on different roles and jobs to stop this from happening. This is hilarious and fun and for sure one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
6. 50/50
This is another super fun comedy and magnificent drama of the year 2011. 50/50 is the story of Adam, who is diagnosed with spiral cancer and finds out for himself what are the really important things is life. 50/50 is an instant classic. It will make you laugh and cry, no wonder is one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
5. Inside Job
Inside Job is not an artistic movie, but a documentary about the real financial meltdown and the true causes. It is very well-built and it presents a very different perspective on the current situation with proofs. It`s one of the best movies 2011 and definitely one of the best documentaries of 2011.
best movies 2011
4. Drive
Why is Drive one of the best movies 2011? Maybe the intricate plotting, the powerful performances and the idea behind this movie will convince you. Almost a film noir, Drive is a thriller, drama and comedy at the same time and one of the best movies 2011. See it yourself and decide.
best movies 2011
3. Warrior
Two brothers fight against each other in the Mixed Martial Arts tournament while their family relationships get broken and everything tears apart. It`s all about family, family ties and dues and unforgotten miseries of the past. This is for sure the best action movie 2011 and one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011
2. Hugo II
Hugo II is definitely one of the best movies 2011 if not the best of them all. This is the fantastical story of a little boy, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station and who`s short existence is wrapped in mystery. This is a master piece of the cinema, starting from actors and ending with the plot. This movie is brilliant and one of the best movies 2011!
best movies 2011
1. A Separation
This is the best drama of the year. A Separation tells the story of a young couple that are put in the situation to leave their natal lands, Iran, to provide a better future for their daughter, or to stay at home and take care of their elder father who suffers from Alzheimer. This is one of the best movies 2011 and also one of the best movies ever made.
It is real and well-played. The characters are all caught in a web of pride and ego, morality and religion, money and honor. This is definitely one of the best movies 2011.
best movies 2011

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