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15 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time

Perhaps the Christmas cartoons are the most viewed cartoons by children and grownups all over the world during the Christmas holidays. The best Christmas cartoons of all time are the classical cartoons that we all used to watch when we were children and we loved so much.
There are very many Christmas cartoons but only a small part of them are the true best Christmas cartoons the world has ever seen and your kids will definitely adore.
Here are 15 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time just for you to watch on the Christmas day with your loved ones.
What a nice way to enjoy the Christmas morning!

# 15 Best Christmas Cartoons of all time:

“The Night Before Christmas” (1968)
It`s the winter of 1822 and everybody is getting ready for Christmas, but daddy has some work to do. How will this Christmas come along?
best Christmas cartoons

# 14 Best Christmas Cartoons:

 “I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown” 
Probably one of the best Christmas cartoons of all time featuring Charlie Brown and Peanut.
best Christmas cartoons

# 13 Best Christmas Cartoons in the World:

 “The Smurfs Christmas Special” – The Smurfs
Who doesn`t like the Smurfs? This time they are getting ready for Christmas
best Christmas cartoons

# 12 Best Christmas Cartoons Ever:

 “A Garfield Christmas Special” – Garfield
This is one of the best Christmas cartoons with lazy Garfield feasting in the Christmas morning while waiting for his gift.
best Christmas cartoons

# 11 Best Christmas Cartoons Ever:

 “Somewhere in Dreamland” (1936)
This is another Christmas classic that tells the story of two children in the Christmas eve.
best Christmas cartoons

# 10 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time:

 “Santa`s Workshop” (1932)
One of the best Christmas cartoons features Santa Claus with his entire crew preparing all the presents for children.
best Christmas cartoons

# 9 Best Christmas Cartoons Ever:

 “Peace on Earth” (1939)
Another one of the best Christmas cartoons, a great and fun to watch Christmas story.
best Christmas cartoons

# 8 Best Christmas Cartoons in the World:

 “A Christmas Tail” – The Bellflower Bunnies
The Bunnies get ready for a very adventurous Christmas this year.

# 7 Best Christmas Cartoons Ever:

 “A Christmas Carol” (1969)
Inspired by Charles Dickens` book, this cartoon is all about being a better man during Christmas time.
best Christmas cartoons

# 6 Best Christmas Cartoons:

 ”Impossible Christmas” – Huey, Dewey, and Louie
The three ducklings get to have a very special Christmas this year. Join them in their adventure.
best Christmas cartoons

# 5 Best Christmas Cartoons Ever:

 “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”
Who hasn`t heard of Santa`s top reindeer, Rudolph? This is another classic Christmas cartoon that kids love.
best Christmas cartoons

# 4 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time:

 “Mickey`s Once Upon a Christmas”
Mickey Mouse is preparing for Christmas time, but the adventures are soon to come. This is a very fun Christmas cartoon.
best Christmas cartoons

# 3 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time:

 “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
Now Grinch! He`s something. This time he intends to steal Christmas for good. Will he make it? Watch this great Christmas cartoon and find out.
best Christmas cartoons

# 2 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time:

 “Mickey`s Christmas Carol” 
Second best Christmas cartoon of all time is another Disney classic. This time is Mickey Mouse`s Christmas story.
best Christmas cartoons

# 1 Best Christmas Cartoons of all Time:

“The Night Before Christmas” – Tom & Jerry
The best ever Christmas cartoon is of course, “The Night Before Christmas” featuring Tom & Jerry, the most well-known cat and mouse duo. This is hilarious and sweet at the same time. Love it!
best Christmas cartoons

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