Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Carter: "Born This Way 'is at 7.2 Million Albums!

Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter, today disclosed that so far last album Lady Gaga "BORN THIS WAY" is already sold worldwide 7.2 million copies! The album was released May 23 and immediately in the first week of release it sold 2 million copies. By the end of the record company counts with 12 million copies sold and Troy adds that their goal is worldwide the album Born This Way sold at least 30 million copies. Let's keep fingers crossed let it happen. Today's success to sell a million copies and results that has both Gaga with Adele or sell their albums are very promising and exciting. The growth of sales of the album Born This Way by millions more vbec is no unreal thing. Gaga is going to another part of the promotional tour that will have this year in Germany, India or Ireland.

+ song "The Lady Is A Tramp," which he recorded with singer Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga as a duet on his album Duets II, is currently # 60 on U.S. iTunes.

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