Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sister Lady Gaga - Natali Gemanotta is starting a fashion designer. After having graduated from Parsons School of U.S. designers, won its first contract for the costumes in one game that is played on Broadway. This week, Natali appeared in Teen Vogue magazine. In an interview with Natali told a few things about his sister. Natali example, says: "Some models wear what you say 'No, never'" . Natali also says: "For the school is not about getting drunk, but about something I learned what I need for my career" . Nat also talks about the collaboration with her ​​sister - "I would rather now focused school." Natali acknowledges that it would cooperate in future Gaga wanted.

Sisters support each other. Gaga her younger sister, for example, has offered to cooperate, the piano-shaped heel shoes, with whom she performed in Gaga Oprah Show is just an idea Natali - "I was just at the parents when the episode ran, and their reaction was' Oh, my God!". " Natali is care in which direction would Gaga work, the role of hairdresser refuses - "It changes 50 times per day," he says irritably. Gaga But Natali called into his clip Telephone in 2010, where Natali flitted in the scene behind bars. In addition, nurses Germanotta appeared side by side at this year's CFDA Fashion Awards. As for style, Natali and her friends claim that the school was always the Natali best dressed. Natali also promotes the same views on the freedom to be free, like its more famous sister - "Even when we were children our parents gave total freedom to be themselves" . While Gaga to remember their school years, just with enthusiasm (remember the story, as a girl thrown in the bin and bullied her), Natali has a better memory - "These friends I have until the end of life. Me and my sister we have another year and we know other girls' .

Gaga by Natali still says "Stefi" completely changed the lives of her sister, she got into my sophomore year. Then, thanks to the hit Just Dance Lady Gaga became a megastar so Natali also received attention. Natali remembers what Gaga commotion woke her graduation. "teachers had said," God, this family can not do " . Natali also says that she absolutely did not matter that Gaga was at the center of attention. Even her and told her to get dressed in some crazy costume - "That day I said - 'I have to dress conservatively, or should I put something that gets all?' and I said that certainly the other option" . Natali, but admits that does not support all the pieces of ségřiné closet. "When wear something crazy, and my father scold me start doing this, just tell him - "Well, at least not going out with taped nipples" and he said "There will be something". "

Here are some scans and pictures of Natali magazine Teen Vogue

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