Friday, September 23, 2011

Project Runway’ Recap: The Menswear Challenge For Up-And-Coming Rockstars!


Adam Lambert guest judges and the remaining eight contestants are split into two groups to craft looks for the men, set to grace the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ — but whenever a new project and teamwork is introduced there’s bound to be drama!

Season nine, episode nine of Project Runway kicked off with Tim Gunn informing the designers that they will be creating looks for up-and-coming band “Sheepdog” — and that the looks would be featured in both Marie Claire and Rolling Stone! The group is split into two teams. Team one includes: Olivier, Viktor, Kimberly and Josh. Team Two is made up of: Bert, Anthony Ryan, Laura and Anya. Let the drama begin!

Olivier might have experience creating menswear, but he has a meltdown trying to dress the band member he was assigned because Olivier can’t design clothes for anything but a mannequin — and after Tim reminds him that not everyone has perfect proportions he’s back to work. Meanwhile, Bert’s band member, Ewan, isn’t pleased with his rather feminine design — Bert is stressed he may have to completely start over!

Ewan wasn’t the only unsatisfied band member — Kimberly’s wasn’t a fan of the plaid top she crafted, so she had to borrow fabric from Anya. In return Anya begins to worry about what will happen at judging — will they like the borrowed fabric Kimberly has better than her own?

Rather than walk the runway, the band will perform two songs — one in the outfits ‘Team One’ crafted, and one in the garments from ‘Team Two’. Glam-rocker Adam Lambert is present, serving as guest judge.

Now on to my favorite part: the judging! Michael Kors says Kimberly’s look reminds him of Peter Brady going to an autumn harvest, while Bert embraced his inner-hippie-rocker and surprised the judges.

While Viktor won the challenge, and the Rolling Stone cover, skinny-model lover Olivier didn’t make the cut. With seven left, who do you think should be in and who should be out next week?
Katrina Mitzeliotis 

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