Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moderator Mario Lopez September 13 meeting with Lady Gaga and together created an interview for "Extra." Gaga has spoken in interviews about the image, the love of bacon, or about how she went to Catholic school:

The inspiration for mass dress, which surprised and shocked Gaga at last year's VMAs:

"I ate had a lot of bacon. I really did not work either, so I think the best thing you can do for your body is to be happy"

Gaga remembers his days in a strict Catholic school, where he had to have a uniform and Mario admits that he went through it also:

"Look, there are so many artists who are out. I think it's because we feel something in itself and we want to be confined simply liberation"

Mario remembers that the school used to be "free-dress" the day when everyone can come in what he wanted. Lady Gaga just laughed and said:

"Oh, it was the best! I wore such a top what they wore in the 90's and together with my hair, it looked like I was a slut. The girls then went behind me and asked: 'Why are you dressed like that? No guys here do not go '"

They talked also about the campaign company MAC, which faces Gaga:

"Since what we participate in the campaign, we have increased our yield of 55 million dollars"

With everything going on around Gaga, Mario is asked whether Gaga some universal key to your social life:

"The universal key? Sun so maybe giraffe key"
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