Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lady GaGa on 'Born To Dance "TV Show (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

The first season show "Born To Dance" choreographer Laurieann Gibson, ended on Tuesday. In the first final day had three finalists: Christina, Hennessy and LaTonya chance to dance with Lady Gaga for her hit "Poker Face". The second day also met with Lady Gaga but is waiting for their first concert, where we tried a lot of costumes, hairstyles and makeup. Gaga with them then talked about what it's act together with dancers from Monster's Ball told about dance. Third Day - Final, Laurieann chose the best - LaTonyu. Lady Gaga also praised Laaurieann with which the great friend and it is Laurieann with whom Gaga invents amazing choreography to their great videos. Gaga, she declared: "Laurieann was born for it to dance." Here you will find video of Born to Dance:


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