Monday, September 26, 2011

Lady GaGa Attends Obama Political Event!
Lady Gaga immediately after he learned of the suicide of a young student Jamey Rodemeyera, wanted to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama to wake up with a possible campaign against bullying in schools, which became fatal Jameymu.According to recent reports Gaga U.S. President met last night in California. Gaga was allegedly one of the guests at the Obama fundraiser Silicon Valley political gatherings and the subsequent dinner, held in a special tent near the boss's office operational Facebook - Sheryl Sandberg.

Lady Gaga came into the room very easily, her hair adorned with a black veil of her high heels were higher than most present.Gaga was wearing a long black lace sleeveless dress, high heels and blonde hair piled up, they had about 15 cm in height.Gaga was beside the Silicon Valley elite, who paid $ 35 000, to attend special meetings. Gaga was a paying guest and those present said that he wants to meet with President Obama, because it wants to discuss their concerns about bullying in schools, but still was not clear whether Gaga and President and will meet together to discuss a serious problem. Finally, he met and the reports Gaga sat behind a desk, exactly opposite the president.

Obama then said he spoke eight minutes and that is gaga for his present political meeting ever said you did not realize at first ignored and Gaga. During the questions, then thanked Obama Gaga, allowing this meeting and then read a letter written by a fan in it and wrote about suicide another fan who committed suicide because of bullying at school. Then again, Obama thanked his wife organized a meeting against the bullying and then discussed what could be done to prevent bullying. Obama thanked her, talked about the campaign against bullying, and then a very wide-from talking about what Americans are. Before the dinner, which is then held together Gaga and Obama said even the two minutes talking about some other things.

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