Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kos Island , Greece

Kos is an island in the Dodecanese group, located just two and a half miles from the coast of Turkey. It measures 25 miles by 5 miles and features an alluring port and lively tourist activities, ancient Greek ruins, and miles of coastline where you can enjoy R&R on the beach. There are over 21 beaches on the island, many of which feature exquisite fine sand and crystalline water. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy on Kos Island Greece, whether you are interested in exploring ruins and historic landmarks like the ancient Odeon or the Ruins of the Ancient Gymnasium, or prefer to simply fall out on the beach for a few days...

The port, also called Kos, is the epicenter of tourist activity on the island. It is an idyllic little port where many boats are moored. There is a host of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and even a few nightclubs for people who like to keep the party going into the late hours of the night. You will not have to look far on this relatively small island to find the perfect beach either. As with many of the other islands in Greece, there are beaches that are suitable for private relaxation, as well as lively, tourist-centric beaches with all the standard amenities and beach services. There are several hotels and resorts on the island. Top beaches include Mastichari Beach, Kefalos Beach, Lambi Beach, and Marmari Beach.
Another attraction of this island is the formidable, fourteenth-century fortress that stands at the entry of the port. It was constructed in the year 1315. The Cathedral of the City of Kos and Hippocrates’ Statue are also must-see landmarks.

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