Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honolulu, Hawai

Honolulu is a city on the southeastern shore of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. It is the capitol city of the state of Hawaii and with more than 375,000 people living there it is the most populated part of the islands. "Honolulu" is native Hawaiian for "sheltered bay" and its nickname "Crossroads of the Pacific" refers to its importance in the trade and shipping network between North America and Asia. Honolulu, HI's central location makes it a truly multicultural city as it is home to large numbers of people of all descents including Japanese, Caucasian, Filipino, Chinese, and of course native Hawaiian.....

Honolulu, and the Hawaiian Islands in general, are well known for their unique culturalhistory. Prior its overthrow by foreigners in the late 19th century, Hawaii was ruled as a monarchy by the local natives. Their culture still defines Hawaii despite its annexation to the United States. The native word "aloha" is used widely as a greeting among all residents. Tourists look forward to wearing garlands of flowers called "leis" and participating in the dancing and feasting of the "luau." Those who seek a more non-commercialized cultural experience can visit the 'Iolani Palace, which is the only palace used by a reigning monarch in the United States, or the Hawaii state museum's collection of traditional Hawaiian art.
Honolulu, HI is known for its sunny climate, spectacular beaches, and warm ocean water. This high degree of natural beauty combined with Honolulu's award-winning public transit system makes it an extremely popular tourist destination. Tourism is one of the most important aspects of Honolulu's economy but the city is also a hub for government, banking, industry, and higher education on the Islands.
Surfing, sailing, swimming, and other water sports are of course popular in Honolulu, Hawaii but there are many more things to do for entertainment. The city has a thriving night life, numerous aquariums, botanical gardens, museums, war memorials, art galleries, and the hikable volcanic cones like Diamond Head that give the city its distinctive background.

                                                      Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Honolulu, HI

Most people are frightened away from their dreams of living in Hawaii because of the expense. The cost of living in Honolulu, HI is 181.5 to the U.S. average of 100. However, what most people don't realize is that the cost of living in many cities in the continental U.S., like New York and San Francisco, is actually higher, and those cities don't come close to Honolulu, Hawaii's beauty. In terms of housing, that translates into between $368,000 and $786,000 on average for a condo or detached home and an average of $1,000 per month to rent an apartment, so you see: it's not as bank-breaking a prospect as you may imagine.
Honolulu, HI isn't all beachfont hotels, either. It is perfectly possible to find a nice suburban home, modern downtown condo, or anything in between to call your own, although there are some neighborhoods, like Waikiki, that are largely dominated by tourist accommodation. There are many neighborhoods in all income brackets in Honolulu that are almost exclusively residential. The really expensive homes can be found east of Diamond Head in neighborhoods like Waialae and Kahala, while Palama and Kalihi are more geared toward the working class. Neighborhoods like Pauoa, Niu Valley, and Hawaii Kai are considered to
be in between.

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