Monday, September 12, 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is popularly regarded as the “Global City” because of the number of International Organizations that are present in the area including the Red Cross. It also the venue of the famous signing of the “Geneva Conventions”, which clearly defined the management of the “Prisoners of War” and its distinctions from the non-combatants’......

Geneva also, like Zurich, is honored to be the recipient of several international awards such as it is known as the “2nd Highest Quality of Living in the World” in 2007.
Although Geneva has many distinguished landmarks, it is also a home of 2 famous landmarks in the world today; The Jet d’Eau and the Reformation Wall:
Jet d’Eau or Water Jet is a very huge water artificial fountain in Geneva. It is in fact the largest fountain in the world. It is one of Geneva’s unique Tourists’ Sites and it is visible from any location through out the City. The fountain powerfully blows 132 galon of water per second at the height of 140 meters. In any given time while the jet is operating, it literally leaves about 7,000 liter of water in the air.

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