Monday, September 26, 2011

Forever Paws Up Project (Dedicated to Jamey Rodemeyer)

Yesterday the funeral Rodemeyera Jamey, who last week committed suicide because he could not carry it, that it at school, he attended, bullied. Jamey was a great fan of Lady Gaga and before his death, thanked her for her album "Born This Way," which inspired him and gave him strength. At the funeral, found hundreds of people who are 14-year-old boy came to say goodbye.The net has also appeared a few days ago a video that has created 150 little monsters. The video is dedicated to just Jameymu and preaches anti-bullying and subsequent suicide:
Lady Gaga yesterday in his speech at the Radio Festival iHeart dedicated the song "Hair" just Jameymu. In addition, Gaga wants to meet with U.S. president and show him his campaign against the bullying in schools. Gaga to show she declared: "I dedicate the song Hair Jamey Rodemayerovi. Jamey, you're not victims, but the lesson for us all."

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