Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dominican Republic


Well, the best way to avoid everything is to buy tickets to sit on the plane and with a transfer travel somewhere to Europe in reach of the blessed island.
In the Dominican Republic the weather is warm even in January, the smell of exotic plants and the sea. And that’s the main reason that when you come out of the conditioned plane into the warm night you get amazed. I want it a bite – this is dense and delicious. In this country, which is smells so pleasant, and food should be tasty, we decided and let’s say that we were not mistaken.......

Dominican Republic is an exotic place with a wonderful nature, and thousands of kilometers of wonderful white sand beaches, rich coral reefs, picturesque landscapes, crystal clean rivers, nice culture and very hospitable and kind population.....
State features: Dominican Republic – a republic whose capital is the ancient city – Santo Domingo. Santo- Domingo (Santo- Domingo-De-Guzman) is one of the oldest and biggest cities if the Antillean islands, which grow up on the place of destroyed by hurricane Isabel, and it is the first Spanish town on the island. Santo Domingo numbers more than three hundreds of attractions, such as: the ruins and perfectly restored ancient monuments, beautiful churches, beautiful colonial palaces, great little streets, houses and even a shady area. Be sure to take the time to view the House of Columbus. Also pay attention to the first house of Santo Domingo and the stunning Alcazar de Colon, which was built by Diego Columbus. Diego Columbus, was the son of Admiral Christopher Columbus, and was viceroy of the island. This palace-museum was built of stone in two floors; he towers over the port and has the richest collection of furniture and other objects of religious Spain from the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries. Not far from the House of Columbus is the Cathedral of St. Mary that became the first Catholic cathedral in America.

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