Saturday, September 17, 2011

Debbie Harry Calls Lady GaGa 'Sweet,' 'Smart' and 'Rock' n 'Roll'!
Singer Debbie Harry of Blondie legendary band, spoke in the latest interview iheartradio. Lady Gaga is a big fan of Debbie and her band and is considered an icon of NYC. Gaga recently made an exclusive interview with Debbie Harper's Bazaar, where the two ladies talked about such as music, fashion or confessed mutual sympathy. Debbie Harry about Lady Gaga in a new interview she said:

"Lady Gaga bought me an interview. She is very sweet, smart and informed girl. I think it is very beautiful. It was very nice to me. I think about it, it's really great talent. I commend the risk that began to rock'n'roll. I like the fact that it has become so wild and brought a little flash to his style. He works in a way that is really exciting. It's real rock and roll. It's exactly what would rock'n 'roll should be. Lady Gaga is no longer just a pop star! "

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