Saturday, September 17, 2011

Annie Lennox Not Moved By Lady GaGa

Legendary singer and icon Annie Lennox gave an exclusive interview site where, for example, spoke of his collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum or The House Of Annie Lennox. Annie, however, also spoke in an interview with Lady Gaga. Annie Lennox said some positive things about Lady Gaga, but it was a few sentences and negative, mainly due to the recent accusations that Lady Gaga copied her appearance on MTV's VMAs with her ​​male alter ego Jo Calderone was from Annie, who had years ago as well as their male alter ego during the era of "Sweet Dreams", which is said to be very similar to Jo. Annie, however, does not blame Gaga, someone copies, but had to hear that her Gaga has no effect, because it has said the lack of emotion. "Gaga does incredible art. She is exceptional. The link is obvious, but if you copy me or someone else it does not matter. The women wear men's clothing for centuries. It's a powerful thing when a woman wears something that is not typically feminine. It says: 'look at me differently, I'm just your sex object'. Gaga I just somehow does not, does not no effect on me. In my life I saw a lot of commerce in human life, a lot of commitment, ambition, but I always feel that these people lack emotion, and they lack emotions. rather why I love Adele. It is very refreshing and reminds people of what is music. He wants his music to touch people and does not need to do any excesses. We just want her voice. Gaga The problem is such that the likelihood of burnout. how long each day can be completely different. It's hard and I could not bear this load type "

Interestingly, Annie, Lady Gaga about our year and a half ago interpreted differently everywhere and saying how much she eats:
"I must say that I am completely in a trance of the Lady GaGa.Ona is completely off the scale at nearly all levels and I miluju.Má great perseverance and audacity to make her into a huge osobnost.A I can tell you that it really takes ** vsky to much time to create and put on makeup and dress .. It's amazing, innovative, breakthrough of the box in all levelech.Ona broke "cookie cutter" boredom and put all the other úroveň.Viděla her as I gave an interview with Cyndi Lauper on Women and AIDS, her performances with Elton, and she is all over YouTube in a variety of colors, shapes and forms. Wow! She is a real solution .. I love it! I love it! "

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