Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Lady Gaga's New Music Video "You and I" is Really About?

The news site CBS today wrote about a new clip Lady GaGa "You And I". Critic of the CBS clip quite like the article and wrote about his possible true meaning. Lady Gaga is finally returned to form. After much visually pleasant, but poor video Gaga finally came up with something great - "You And I" is probably the best song on her album Born This Way, and now has video.In his famed style verbose, Enya released a six-minute video full of torture, great outfits, county, weddings, dances, humor, sex, mermaids and Gaga as a man. In the video jetolik happening, it's hard to know what makes a lot of different characters and what they mean - if anything at all. "

One editor said that the clip is about her increasingly aggressive and controlling friend that she is still trying to change. Whenever he can change it, so they become stronger and Gaga magičtější. That kiss herself (Jo Calderone) is said to mean that she could accept herself, to love herself and came to love, because both Gago said - you can not love someone when you do not love themselves. When Gaga accepted in the video itself and runs from New York back to Nebraska and eventually married together. Mermaid Man and Gago to be a metaphor. Torture is apparently replacing the previous blasphemy. Everyone in the video must find their explanation and understand it on his - the fact it goes gaga career. Nothing is ever jednoznačné.CBS also add that, "You And I" could be another # 1 hit Lady Gaga in the U.S..

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