Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Official Video Of 'You & I' To Be Revealed Friday?

Increasingly, the Internet, reports that the video Lady Gaga "You And I", which was published last night, is not the official version. This message is quite strange because the video was already uploaded to the official channel Duke Lady GaGa. Fans argue that the leaked photos of the clip are also photos of scenes that are not in the video.

Either it's true that there will be another version of the video or the "stills" from the clip and some photos from the filming of a clip and not only from the final image. In my opinion, definitely the next version of the video You And I will come - and it's the censored! Even video "Telephone" has two versions and one is a few small shots, which first published version of the video nenajdeme.O that we can expect a second version of the clip and record company informed Lady Gaga, Interscope Records news:

Official version of @ # ladygaga YouAndI is coming soon it

When Gaga yesterday sent a link to the video on his Twitter, so everybody thought that the second version of the video comes 100%, because the video was recorded only on the personal account of Lady GaGa and not LGVevo. At night, however, the video appeared to account ofociálním Lady GaGa on, so everything is not so certain. Talk of that comes the second version of the video release we listen to each clip, and still no such thing happened, so do not expect anything personally. Everything is seen through the nocize Thursday to Friday, August 19, the clip will be great television premiere on MTV First in 1:50 in the morning.

After the premiere of the clip will be followed by an exclusive Q & A interview with Lady GaGa, who will carry out the MTV News Sway Calloway. Lady GaGa will answer questions of his fans, send it via Twitter and add to the end # MTVGaga - if you have any questions Gaga, so just do it! Fans of NYC have a greater advantage and happiness, because they can come to the studio and ask Gaga "live".

As I informed you several times now, great video "You And I" helped a single in the U.S.. He got up from 100.místa the # 53rd There is # 49, which is very good and hopefully will only climb higher and higher! The movie itself still in the top 100 videos on iTunes is, but it's only a matter of time before the chart gets.

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