Sunday, August 14, 2011

Melanie Moore Would love to go on tour with Lady Gaga!

The winner of the eighth series of American show So You Think You Can Dance has become a favorite of Lady GaGa - Melanie Moore.Lady GaGa was recently a guest on the show as a counselor and a young Melanie has offered to take her along with her new tour Born This Way Ball as a dancer. Melanie this week said that it would wish such a thing as too much GaGa would love to tour pulled out:

"I'd definitely be interested to go on tour with Lady GaGa. It's an amazing artist and I saw a lot of her things. I've never been on her tour, but my girlfriend and so was absolutely thrilled.'s Obsessed with Lady Gaga. I saw the HBO Special Monster's Ball and what makes them amazing. So I was happy, really overjoyed if it could work "

Melanie also said she would like a movie played in a "dance role." Dance is in her first. She is told that she would like for nějkou work on tour and hopes that he might dance with Gaga. Lady GaGa her time after her final performance she said: I bow before you my hat.Listen, you're my favorite of this competition and tomorrow he'll hire you on tour with me and you go around the world 

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