Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lady GaGa Earns A Big Record on German Singles Chart!

Lady GaGa has in Germany, the local official singles chart, a great record that for a millennium no one has! In the German singles chart with Lady Gaga herself with her singles a total of 17 times 1st place in the charts. Enya did not need any song featuring or other similar events to promote the single. Enya is 13 weeks remained at # 1, Singel "Poker Face", twice with "Born This Way" and one with "Bad Romance" and "Paparazzi." # 1 place so many times no one has failed. Gaga follows the band Well Angeles with 16 weeks # 1 singles "Daylight In Your Eyes" (6x), "There Must Be An Angel" (5x), "Something About Us" (4x) and once with "Venus." Then follows the band Black Eyed Peas, who have scored 14 weeks at # 1 with their singles in the German singles chart. For the first time they did with the single "Where is the Love?" (4x), "Shut Up" (5x), "Meet Me Halfway" (1x) and "The Time" spent four weeks in the charts. No Angels and BEP are bands so that Lady Gaga is the only solo artist, who managed the whole history of the chart to spend the most weeks at # 1! Hopefully with her new single will collect some more weeks at # 1 Either way, gatuluju to success! Adding the best overview of the location of each single in Germany chart:

Just Dance (2008) # 10/Poker Face (2008) # 1/LoveGame (2008) # 7/Paparazzi (2009) # 1/Bad Romance (2009) # 1/Telephone (2010) # 3/Alejandro (2010) # 2/Born This Way (2011) # 1/Judas (2011) # 23/Edge Of Glory (2011) # 3 /

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