Friday, August 12, 2011

Lady GaGa crustacean Leaving Restaurant in Beverly Hills 10.08.2011 (VIDEOS)

The fact that Lady Gaga yesterday dined at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, crustacean, I informed you in a previous article. Unfortunately, yesterday evening neobežel without scandal, and again it was the police retracted. When evening Gaga departed from the restaurant, so her bodyguards blocked the whole street, the new Rolls Royce car, which went through GaGa. Subsequently Gaga departed and the driver, who drove in the back seat, so he was very negligent and careless way that almost knocked her fans who are glued to the car singer. Subsequently, the police was called and the driver stopped. Drivers for some time while police interrogated GaGa sat in the back. One of the videos where you can find leaves GaGa ► HERE ◄

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